For CIOs, listening to compliance matters more than ever (Chief Investment Officer)

CIOs, firm executives and other senior management should be routinely engaging with compliance personnel amid the pandemic fueled remote workplace. Security risks and hacking threats abound in the wave of virtual meetings and home-based communications that have become the new norm – and FrontLine’s Founder and President, Amy Lynch, advises firms’ compliance to be proactive with management about the risks. Ms. Lynch stresses that of particular concern for CIOs and their firms are business continuity…

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SEC No-Action Relief for Funds/BDCs

The SEC’s Division of Investment Management (“IM”) has been busy issuing and updating guidance for investment companies and business development companies (“BDCs”) in light of recent market events related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Two significant letters were released in late May. The first, an SEC No-Action letter to the Investment Company Institute (“ICI”) and SIFMA AMG (jointly), addressed the need for additional relief as related to the new TALF 2020 program. The second is an…

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