Current market conditions feed SEC reviews of valuation practices (FundFire)

Valuation practices are coming under even greater scrutiny by the SEC. Pandemic related economic conditions have the SEC looking closely at real estate managers, among other private fund advisers, and seeking information about their valuations process. FrontLine’s Founder and President, Amy Lynch, comments that ongoing, routine examinations of these firms – now occurring during an economic downturn – have made reviews of valuations and compliance to policies and procedures a targeted area and priority for…

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Pay to play enforcement to gain momentum (Compliance Week)

With the November 3rd election looming, expect the SEC to have a renewed focus on compliance with the “Pay to Play” rule and firms’ oversight of employee political contributions. Amy Lynch, FrontLine’s Founder and President, views the largest issue for firms that run afoul of the rule to be the loss of advisory fee income for a two year period. Asking the right questions of both employees and new hires, as well as monitoring and…

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New Rule Finalized for Fund of Funds

Earlier this month, the SEC lifted investment restrictions on fund of funds (FOFs) by adopting new Rule 12d1-4 (the “Rule”) under the Investment Company Act of 1940 (the “Act”). The new Rule removes certain investment restrictions (subject to conditions), rescinds an existing rule, and eliminates existing exemptive relief. This is good news for registered investment company fund managers that were hemmed in by existing restrictions when investing in other funds (including private funds) and had…

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Amy Lynch streaming live interview on customer account data breaches (Yahoo! Finance)

Founder and President Amy Lynch was recently interviewed on Yahoo! Finance’s streaming live show, “On The Move.” Responding to questions on customer account cyber attacks – highlighted by recent hacks of Robinhood accounts – Ms. Lynch discusses how the current regulatory environment to protect customer information is without a SEC rule specifically for firm requirements on cybersecurity policies and compliance. However, she states that the SEC has conducted targeted exams in this area, and…

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Amy Lynch presents on trade compliance

FrontLine’s Founder and President Amy Lynch is a featured speaker at NSCP’s 2020 National Compliance Conference, to be held as a virtual event, October 19-21. On October 20th, Ms. Lynch will offer her expertise as part of a three person panel that will discuss best practices and requirements to ensure trade compliance for institutional asset managers, investment advisers, private funds, and investment companies. In the session “Trading Compliance Issues,” she will address best execution, trade…

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