Amy Lynch featured contributor in newly published book for CCOs and compliance staff

Our president and founder, Amy Lynch, provides key insights on SEC exams in the recently released book, “Financial Regulation and Compliance. How to Manage Competing and Overlapping Regulatory Oversight,” by H. David Kotz, former Inspector General of the SEC. Kotz utilizes the expertise of Ms. Lynch in discussing how to prepare for and what to expect during an SEC exam.

In the informative book, Lynch, described by Kotz as a recognized expert on SEC examinations, discusses at length the preparation for and components of an exam. Describing best practice steps, Lynch states that when it comes to SEC exams “firms need to prepare well in advance” and that “preparation is the best line of defense.” She cautions firms on how to interact with the SEC during an exam, including how to handle document requests, as well as the examiners. Lynch recommends that firms “designate a point person” and explain to the examiners “how their business operates, rather than trying to argue their positions….“

Covering the SEC exam from start to finish, Lynch’s provides CCOs and compliance staff valuable insight to successfully manage an exam with confidence by relying on internal resources and support from a qualified consulting firm, including a mock audit and strategic advising.

A rare look into the world of compliance.

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