Amy Lynch featured in podcast on regulatory scope of SPACs

As the popularity of SPACs has skyrocketed, so has the regulatory scrutiny of the SEC. Covering various aspects of the recent rise in SPACs, FrontLine’s Founder and President Amy Lynch was exclusively interviewed in a recent industry podcast hosted by The Ground Up Podcast series. In the timely event, Ms. Lynch provides a detailed description of SPACs and responds to a series of questions on the SEC’s emerging focus areas. This includes a discussion on SEC accounting concerns with SPAC warrants, the use of celebrity endorsements to promote SPACs, the existence of conflicts of interest, and why SPAC financial statements need to have correct and prominent disclosures for investors. Ms. Lynch also comments that recent changes by the SEC of its accounting rule requirements for SPAC offerings have slowed the frenzied pace of the deals by requesting updates to financial statements before a SPAC can move forward.

Listen to the podcast and view interview transcript, The Ground Up Podcast, “FrontLine Compliance President, Amy Lynch”