Amy Lynch on regulatory issues at the forefront of rulemaking (Seeking Alpha)

Amy Lynch, Founder and President - FrontLine Compliance
Amy Lynch, Founder and President – FrontLine Compliance

The remainder of this year and potentially into 2021 may see an uptick in SEC rulemaking aimed at certain key issues. In a recent interview, FrontLine’s Founder and President Amy Lynch offers insight on the direction the SEC may take with it’s proposed amendment to Form 13F filings, and just how impactful the new changes to the accredited investor definition could be for small private funds and family offices. Ms. Lynch further discusses the SEC’s scrutiny of Robinhood, as well as the likelihood that a specific SEC rule on insider trading would be proposed with a Democratic President and Congress. See Seeking Alpha (article and video interview), “SEC Expert Amy Lynch: There’s Actually Not a SEC Rule for Insider Trading”