Amy Lynch Q&A on SEC exams, new initiatives (ThinkAdvisor)

As a compliance professional for over 25 years, FrontLine’s Founder and President Amy Lynch has seen many SEC administrations come and go. Not since the 1990s has she seen such an aggressive regulator as today’s SEC with Chairman Gary Gensler at the helm. A Q&A exclusively featuring Ms. Lynch offers her insights on the current SEC and its agenda of examinations and rulemaking. She encourages firms to do the work necessary to prepare for a heavy-handed SEC by closely evaluating their compliance program and to “kick the tires” via a mock audit. Ms. Lynch discusses SEC focus areas such as Marketing Rule violations and to be finalized rules on cybersecurity and Form PF. She also comments on the challenges for newly registered SEC advisers, who often make the mistake of not devoting enough resources to properly structure their compliance program from the start.

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