Amy Lynch’s tips to achieve effective remote compliance featured (Reuters)

Amy Lynch, Founder and President - FrontLine Compliance
Amy Lynch, Founder and President – FrontLine Compliance

Founder and President Amy Lynch recently spoke with national news syndicate Reuters to discuss the challenges posed to remote CCOs and their compliance programs. Ms. Lynch points to the fact that firm employees are now scattered in numerous remote locations, so the CCO does not have the traditional office proximity and physical presence to monitor individuals or present ideas to management. Ms. Lynch advises CCOs and their compliance personnel to be more assertive through proactive interaction and communication with employees and in committee meetings, be it remotely. According to Ms. Lynch, pressing areas to continuously monitor for include firm and employee trading, use of video or other communication systems, unusual email messaging, among other risks she identified.

Also featured in the article is FrontLine’s recent UpFront BoardRoom discussion piece, “How the Remote CCO Succeeds.”

For the complete article, See Reuters, “Biggest compliance challenge of being remote in COVID-19: The “people problem” not the technology“