Bloomberg TV’s “Balance of Power” speaks with Amy Lynch (Bloomberg TV)

For the segment with FrontLine Compliance Founder and President, Amy Lynch, go to 25:50 in the video.

Bloomberg TV recently spoke with FrontLine’s Amy Lynch on its “Balance of Power” show. Interviewed by host David Westin, Ms. Lynch discusses the likely regulatory focus of the Reddit chat room induced trading spree that created a unique scheme to drive up the price of GameStop and other targeted issuers. According to Ms. Lynch, the SEC and other regulators will be looking closely at the day traders intent to create a short squeeze on certain hedge fund positions, and whether this activity violates securities laws, as well as the issue of online brokers taking action to restrict trading in GameStop and other stocks on their platforms.

View the interview, Bloomberg TV’s Balance of Power, “A look at the regulatory environment as stocks like GameStop surge. Guest: FrontLine Compliance Founder Amy Lynch” (at 25:50)