Despite pushback, SEC plows ahead with rules agenda (ThinkAdvisor)

The SEC is determined to finalize several of the more controversial rules it has proposed, states Amy Lynch, FrontLine Compliance’s Founder and President. In the lead comments for the ThinkAdvisor story, she explains that even with quite a bit of industry pushback, several rules have made it onto the “final list” of the SEC’s recently released regulatory flexibility agenda. These include new or amended rules regarding private funds, custody, outsourcing and enhanced disclosures for ESG. Ms. Lynch adds that the SEC also plans to touch upon the hot topic of artificial intelligence (AI) through two new proposed rules, one for investment advisers and the other for broker-dealers, meant to address potential conflicts of interest presented by these nascent technologies. Rules placed on the regulator’s flexibility agenda may not reflect an actual timetable, but the SEC currently plans to issue the final rules in October. See ThinkAdvisor, “5 Big Rules the SEC Plans to Finalize This Year”