We view our responsibility to educate the industry as a serious job requirement. As consultants, we accomplish this at just about every turn we take. Here’s how.


Customized, specific training for your firm’s CCO, compliance and business staff is part of every one of our services — it’s a comprehensive but invaluable difference between us and other consulting firms. This close collaboration with our clients, combined with regular and thorough communication, helps them improve their core competencies while achieving compliance at the same time. If you’re looking for custom designed formal training, we can do that too.


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Our perspective as former regulators and private-sector executives is the foundation of our popular service that thousands in the industry depend on. There’s no charge, but big rewards as we break industry news, analyze current issues, interpret rulings, offer expert guidance and more. Get in the know from those who are already there.

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Fulfilling your requirements is a lot easier with an industry expert and former regulator and CCO in your corner. FrontLine Compliance founder Amy Lynch draws on her decades of experience in the compliance industry to clearly and concisely help you map out the hot topic areas focused on by regulators today and make your program smooth, efficient and successful. She’ll actually show you practical ways to comply that add real value to your firm.

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One of the better webinars I’ve attended. Great information – and I appreciate that it was substantive (unlike most webinars).