FrontLine’s Amy Lynch addresses whether crypto assets pose systemic risk (BARRON’S)

FrontLine Compliance Founder and President Amy Lynch was interviewed by BARRON’S for its recent cover story and related podcast on the state of the cryptocurrency market. Ms. Lynch suggests that crypto assets for now do not seem to present the type of systemic risk that caused prior market crashes and blind-sided banks and investment firms. An important question, she points out, is who would a crash impact in a systemic way since major financial players are not currently offering their own crypto exchanges and cryptocurrency trading platforms. Ms. Lynch also states that while regulations on crypto would be inevitable and could bring down its prices, rulemaking would likely not occur fast enough to keep pace with crypto market growth.

See BARRON’S (subscription required), “It’s the Weirdest Time in History for Finance. What to Know About Bubbles in Cryptos, Meme Stocks, and NTFs.”

Listen to BARRON’s Streetwise Podcast (Amy Lynch segment, 21:58-23:10), “Investing Has Never Looked Weirder”