Gary Gensler to move swiftly on agenda (CNBC)

New SEC Chairman Gary Gensler is set to be off and running on several top line objectives that make up the regulator’s agenda. These include ESG issues, regulation of digital securities and assets and stepping up enforcement of Regulation Best Interest (Reg BI). More recent issues that have emerged as regulatory concerns should also be priorities. Founder and President Amy Lynch sees Gensler and the SEC taking a closer look at the family office structure and resulting implications from the Archegos margin call event. Expect the SEC to also dig deeper into the gamification of trading and the potential market manipulation evidenced in the GameStop situation. See CNBC Trader Talk, “Gary Gensler has a full agenda as he gets set to take over the SEC”

For additional coverage on market news, see CNBC Fast Money video (Amy Lynch comments referenced at 1:26), “Einhorn’s letter to shareholders”