Government shutdown could impact SEC in some ways (InvestmentNews)

With a potential shutdown of the Federal government days away, one of its primary regulators could be feeling an impact. At the SEC, many of its employees would be on furlough during a shutdown, with some employees remaining on the job for essential functions. SEC exams and enforcement cases would proceed, but at a slower pace. Amy Lynch, FrontLine’s Founder and President, has first-hand knowledge of how the SEC performs during a shutdown when at the SEC during the Clinton administration. She explains that the SEC did not stop working at that time and similarly, for the current SEC, work would be dependent on how they deem employees as “excepted” from the furlough and what the priorities are determined to be. Functions of the SEC that would likely be impacted are new firm registrations and the issuing of proposed or final rules. See InvestmentNews, “Advisors give here-we-go-again shrug to potential government shutdown”