New and pending rules stacking up for hedge funds (FundFire)

Hedge funds, as well as many other investment advisers, face a flood of new and proposed rules in the months ahead. With SEC guidance more likely to occur after the rules are finalized, compliance teams should be stepping up their firm’s preparation. The November 4th compliance date for the SEC’s new marketing and advertising rule is quickly approaching, and it’s time for firms to get policies and marketing disclosures updated before it’s too late, states Amy Lynch, FrontLine’s Founder and President. Ms. Lynch adds that hedge funds should pay particular attention to how they market their track records. Proposed rules in the works will impact Form PF, ESG, cybersecurity and the “Names Rule,” plus a lengthy private funds proposal has also been issued. There has been a great deal of industry pushback on this proposal, notes Ms. Lynch, with the rule in its current form requiring several new reports to investors and adding new restrictions on certain types of conflicts and side letters. See FundFire (subscription required), Hedge Funds Warned to Not Misjudge ‘Unprecedented’ Regulatory Wave