Regulation will have a say in crypto exchanges reaching mainstream status (FORTUNE)

As crypto assets grow they are steadily moving in the direction of being part of the global economic mainstream. As this occurs the role of crypto exchanges, such as Binance, will need to evolve and accept regulatory oversight that ensures a fair process with protections in place for investors. Interviewed by Fortune, Amy Lynch, FrontLine’s Founder and President, states that Ponzi-like schemes linked to cryptocurrencies are still too common and the regulators were simply not prepared for how fast the crypto market was going to grow. Now it’s catch up time for the regulators and under the veil of President Biden’s executive order, expect the legitimacy of the crypto market to hinge on the formalizing of regulations. See Fortune, “He became as rich as Mark Zuckerburg virtually overnight. How Binance Founder ‘C.Z.’ Zhao became a $74 billion man while moving fast and breaking things in crypto”